Stevia Weight Loss - Burn Fat With This Natural Sweetener

Stevia weight loss, and burning fat with this natural sweetener, are two topics I love discussing with my weight loss clients. It's a secret weapon that Asian women have used for decades to enjoy sweets and great desserts while still losing weight fast. Let's find out how you can benefit from this ancient leaf and why it works so well to get skinny!

Stevia Weight Loss - Burn Fat With This Natural Sweetener

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

Stevia actually comes from a group of plants found in South America, Central America, and Mexico. That part isn't important, I don't want to bore you with a long history of this wonder-plant's origin. Instead I want to tell you why it's so helpful to someone trying to lose weight:

Stevia Weight Loss - Burn Fat With This Natural Sweetener

Because it tastes exactly like sugar and has ZERO calories!

That's right, this isn't some hazardous chemical mixture like Aspartame or Splenda (yes, Splenda is horrible and should be avoided completely).

Stevia is a 100% natural and organic substance that grows in the ground, as almost all of our food sources should. It can be purchased in powdered form, or already included within certain food products and soda drinks you'll find in your local health stores. Just read the ingredient labels on products to determine what if Stevia is inside.

The Key to any Successful Weight Loss Program is Staying On It

Stevia is such a godsend for dieters because it allows you to cut out nearly all of the sugar-based calories in your life without having to suffer withdrawals or cravings for sweets.

You can put it in tea and coffee. You can sprinkle it on dry low-calorie cereal. You can even bake cookies and cakes with it!

Does this sound like an advertisement for Stevia? Probably, but when you've seen the results as I have, the actual weight loss in many people over the course of months, you want to scream about it from the highest mountaintop to anyone who will listen. It's such a great tool to allow people to STOP overeating and make real progress towards their dream body in a healthy way.

Important: Read the Labels on All Foods and Drinks

I talk about this at great detail in my book, The Skinny Asian Diet, but I want to do a quick summary for everyone today on what to look for and avoid on product labels.

What you DO NOT WANT: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sucralose, Splenda, Aspartame, Saccharin.

If I see any of those listed on the Ingredient table I put the item back on the shelf. Period. This is not negotiable.

Divorce yourself from these four deadly items forever ("Splenda" is the brand name for Sucralose, they're the same thing, hence why it's 4 instead of 5) and make sure you never consume any of them. There are reasons why Diabetes, Cancer, and miscellaneous health problems have risen by 300% over the last 40 years, and it's no coincidence that each of those products were invented during that span. Think about it.

The Bottom Line is You Must Take Action Now

I hear a lot of people telling me they're sick of the latest diet programs on the market these days, where you're either STARVING or trying to live through BRUTAL workouts to drop weight.

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Catherine Cheng - Founder, The Skinny Asian Diet

How to Lose Weight Fast: 14 Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Quickly!

Everyone wants to know how to lose weight fast. We know the usual "watch your diet and exercise regularly" routine. But if it is as simple as that, then there wouldn't be so many fat people in this world!

Amidst all the lies and hype surrounding the weight loss industry, it can be hard to separate the hype and lies from the truth. That's why in today's article, I'm going to share with you 14 things you must do to lose weight fast. Following these 14 tips will help you to lose weight safely and stay lean all year-round.

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"


How to Lose Weight Fast: 14 Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Quickly!

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #1: Stop eating only salads

This is a well-known habit especially among female office workers. You order a big salad with nothing but greens. Your colleagues see what you eat and applaud your efforts to lose weight. But before 2pm, you get hungry and start looking for cookies and chocolates to snack. How's that for one step forward and two steps back in your fat loss attempt? While there's nothing wrong with having salads for lunch, you should add some good clean protein such as eggs and chicken breasts and also good fats such as avocados or guacamole into your salads as well. Remember this: Every meal should have a protein element. These protein and fat make you feel more satisfied after the meal and will sustain your blood sugar levels for a longer period so you won't be looking for unhealthy snacks around the office right after lunch.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #2: Replace all the unhealthy snacks at home and in your office

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is actually productive for fat loss. Snacking on healthy snacks in between meals will help maintain a steady blood glucose level and also keep your metabolism elevated. Since people snack on convenience and the general availability of food around them, it is important to keep only healthy snacks such as dark chocolate, nuts, trail mixes, fruits or even beef jerky within easy reach. Throw all the others away. Or give them to a colleague you hate.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #3: Start a simple exercise routine

Every fat loss program needs to have an exercise component. It doesn't even have to an actual exercise like jogging or swimming. If you have never exercised before in your life, you can even start something as simple as brisk walking every day for 20 minutes and work up the intensity from there. The main objective is staying active and turning up your metabolism. As you get fitter (and you will), crank up the intensity and challenge your body to reach new heights of fitness.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #4: Stop the steady state jogging

If you have been jogging for some time and haven't seen any significant weight loss results, then it's time for you to move on to more challenging exercises. Jogging is a good exercise to build your cardiovascular endurance, but not the best for fat loss. To effective burn fat, you need a workout that elevates your heart rate to at least 80% of your maximum heart rate and burns the most number of calories in the shortest period of time. Full body exercises such as burpees, squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses and rows gives you the most bang for your time spent on exercising. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with a 30 second break in between for 3 sets before moving onto the next. Do this for 10 - 15 minutes a day and you will see results beyond what you have experienced from months of jogging.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #5: Don't avoid carbohydrates completely

When carbs replaced fats as the main contributor of weight gain, many people are avoiding all known types of carbs completely. I personally have a colleague who shuns carbs like the plague. Let me set the record straight. Not all carbs are bad. Our bodies need carbs to function properly. Carbs are our bodies' main source of energy. In fact, our brain functions primarily on carbs. Depriving your body of carbs can have detrimental effects on your body. Every type food has its time and place to be consumed. As a general rule, you should only consume low glycemic carbs such as brown rice, dark leafy vegetables, multi-grain bread, oatmeal, etc. High glycemic foods such as bananas, juices, white rice, potatoes and other processed foods are best consumed only right after an intense exercise.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #6: Set realistic and measurable goals

A lot of people give up on a training or fat loss program after a week or so because they did not see the results they were expecting. First of all, you have to remember that you didn't get fat overnight. So you should not expect a miracle weight loss to happen as well. Setting realistic and measurable goals will help keep you motivated and continue towards your ultimate weight loss goal. So what considered as a realistic goal? Losing 0.5-1kg (1-2 lbs) a week is a realistic. Losing half an inch on your waist after two weeks is realistic. Of course, you have to be completely honest with yourself when you are accessing these goals. Ask yourself if you are really following the exercise program religiously? How many times did you cheat on your diet?

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #7: Focus on building muscle

Some people may disagree with me that exercising and muscle-building is important for fat loss. To me, fat loss is all about changing our body composition - reducing the fat mass and increasing fat-free mass (muscles). Increasing fat-free mass will invariably contribute to the lowering of fat mass. For each pound of muscle your body has, you burn an extra 35-50 calories a day. Fat on the other hand burns only 2 calories per pound. So the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate will be. And contrary to popular belief, having more muscles is what will give your body those sexy curves that the opposite sex desires.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #8: Invest in a whey protein or meal replacement supplement

Having 3 meals a day with 3 snacks times in between is not always easy to prepare. That's why for convenience purposes, it's recommended that you purchase a good whey protein or meal replacement supplement. Just add water or milk and you have one serving of quality protein.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #9: Make small changes and stick with them for 21 days

Let's be honest with ourselves. Fat loss involves some behavioral and lifestyle change. Your current lifestyle got you to the state that you are now. Continuing down this path obviously is not the quickest way to lose weight. We all know behavioral change is the hardest thing. This is why we need to make little changes every day that is more acceptable to our bodies. For example, if you currently drink two cans of soda every day, cut down to one can a day. Then next week, cut down to one can every two days. You get the picture. And for any program that you decide to get started, stick with it for 21 days. Statistics have shown that any behavioral change takes 21 to accept and approximately 60 days to form into a habit. So no matter how much you hate a current diet or exercise program, persevere for 21 days. You will be glad you did.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #10: Surround yourself with like-minded people

Some people are very dependent on social support, while others not so much. If you belong to the former group, it is important that you factor this aspect of motivation especially when you are starting out on a fat loss program. During the initial 21 days, it is important to stay motivated and focused on the goals you have set for yourself. You are bound to encounter challenges and struggles as you go through the program. Such as days when your thighs are so sore after doing full body squats or even good news like when you succeed in losing an inch off your waist. If you have friends who are doing the fat loss program with you, great! Share your results and how you feel about the program with them. Talk to fitness professionals; join online communities or Facebook groups to share experiences and gain knowledge. Also, don't just focus on the fat loss part. Get into the whole health and fitness experience. Buy fitness magazines, visit fitness websites. Look at physiques you desire to achieve and set them as your desktop wallpaper. Do whatever you need to stay motivated.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #11: Train your legs

I'm not just talking about jogging here; I'm referring to doing heavy squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc. If you have ever done squats before, you will know that it is one of the most demanding exercises in the world. You pant and sweat like a dog as if you have sprinted a mile. But it is also one of the best exercises for building overall strength and of course burning calories. Leg exercises such as squats are usually compound exercises and as such burns more calories. Even if you are not doing weighted squats, just doing body weight squats alone can be just as challenging. To be honest, in my first 5 years of training, I never once trained my legs. I always thought the upper body is more important and doing squats could stunt your vertical growth. That is all a fallacy. Ever since I started doing squats, my strength went through the roof and my body fat levels have remained consistently low all year-round. Now I do squats at least once a week otherwise my workout is never complete. If you have never trained your legs before, trust me, start your workouts with squats and you will be amazed by the results you see. And yes, you can thank me later.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #12: Keep a meal diary

Many people don't realize how many calories they consume every day. You think you are eating less by skipping a meal here and there. But you never consider those sodas, grande Frappuccinos or those cookies distributed by your colleagues that you so casually put in your mouth during the day. If you take down everything (and I mean every single thing including those mentos) that you eat into a meal diary, you will be surprised how many calories you are taking. Yes, I know it's quite a pain to record down everything. But do yourself a favor and just do it for one day. It will be an absolute eye opener.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #13: Learn to love water

Perhaps the most overlooked causes of weight gain, the liquids you consume can deceptively pack on a ton of calories. Just a can of soda contains close to 150 calories. A grande mocha Frappuccino contains a whopping 420 calories. Drink a soda and a Frappuccino every day and you will gain a pound a week.

Because we can so easily and carelessly gulp down beverages without a second thought, liquid calories are more harmful. Fruit juices are no better. They all contain naturally occurring fruit sugar, fructose, which like all other sugars if consumed in excess will result in weight gain. One of the quickest ways to lose weight is to always choose water over all other beverages. Water has zero calories and is a natural source of hydration for our bodies. By simply replacing all your other sugary laden beverages with water, you will quickly be able to see weight loss results.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip #14: Limit alcohol consumption

I know it is almost impossible to completely abstain from alcohol. But if your goal is to find the fastest way to lose weight, then you have to cut down on your happy hours. Alcohol is a toxic substance with absolutely no nutritional benefit whatsoever. What's more, each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. A few glasses of cocktails with its sugary mixers can easily pile on at least 1000 or more calories a night. You should also know that alcohol is an appetite stimulant. So don't be surprised if you feel hungry after a night of partying. Of course this leads to additional calories into your body that you don't need. If you are focusing on building muscle, excessive alcohol lowers your testosterone and increases cortisol levels (stress hormone) thereby reducing your body's ability to build muscle effectively.

With so many disadvantages to your fat loss goals, do you still need another reason not to drink?

How to Lose Weight Fast: 14 Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Quickly!

If you have tried everything else to lose weight and still haven't seen any results, give these 14 tips a try. If you need to know how to lose weight fast; safely and permanently, the 10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plan may just be something you are looking for.

Lose Weight Instantly - Almost!

Here's how to lose weight instantly... ALMOST. These few tricks are little understood and seldom used correctly. If the thought of dieting and doing hour long workouts for weight loss turns you off, then I urge you to read this now to "CHEAT" boring weight loss.

Lose Weight Instantly?

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

1. Make your hormones "FORCE" weight loss

Lose Weight Instantly - Almost!

Your hormones are huge when it comes to weight loss. Most people simply ignore their hormones or don't know anything that can balance them out. Well, to balance your hormones you'll want to target your Endocrine System because it controls the hormones. To do this, spinning in a circle works like a charm.

You've done it as a kid. Now it's time to do it as an adult to help your health. It may be a surprise that spinning around like a child helps you to lose weight, but it does. No, it doesn't burn much calories. The key is that they work their magic at the HORMONAL LEVEL.

This is much more powerful actually. Say you eat good and exercise a bunch, but you can't lose weight. Well, eating even better and exercising more won't help you. The problem is your hormones, not your diet or exercising.

So add 5-10 spins every once in awhile throughout the day. I recommend you do at least 8 sets of spins a day. It seems like a lot, but it only takes 10 seconds of your time each time you do them. Can't you spare 80 seconds in an effort to balance your hormones and unlock weight loss?

2. Another thing you can do is target retained water

Whether you realize it or not, you're probably carrying at least 5-8 extra pounds of water weight that is unnecessary. Your body is retaining this water because you're simply not drinking enough water. This makes the body think water is scarce. AND... for survival reasons, it will retain extra water as a safety mechanism.

The simple thing to do is add at least another 50 ounces of water to whatever it is you're drinking each day. The effect this will have on the body is that it will almost instantly FLUSH out the retained water since now it thinks water is readily available. So there's no need to have a safe supply of retained water hoarded in your body.

Basically, that's how you can lose weight instantly... or I should say, almost instantly.

Lose Weight Instantly - Almost!

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Lose Weight by Eating Oats

If you need to trim down, eat up more oatmeal and oatbran! Oats are loaded with soluble and insoluble fibers that will keep your cholesterol and sugar levels in check. As this helps keep your weight down, oats will keep your energy up for your exercise program. Here's exactly how good oats are if you are trying to lose weight:

Oats are high in the soluble fiber beta-glucan which has been proven to lower cholesterol. When soluble oat fibers pass through your digestive tract, it turns into a gel that traps cholesterol-containing acids. Instead of your body absorbing the cholesterol, it is excreted as waste.

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

On top of this, oats contain high levels of tocotrienols which stop cholesterol synthesis. All the high-fiber, cholesterol-zapping power of oats will definitely help trim down your tummy.

Lose Weight by Eating Oats

In one study, participants who ate 43 to 85 grams of oat bran daily for 6 weeks lowered total cholesterol by 20 percent and bad (LDL) cholesterol by 25 percent.

But cholesterol is not the only thing oats can diminish. Oats can also help regulate your blood sugar. The beta-glucan fiber in oats also slows down digestion - prolonging the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. And many of us know how carbs - when they are converted into sugar inside our bodies - are the culprit for packing in the pounds.

If you are involved in an exercise regimen, even better. The exercise is of course great for speeding up weight loss. The oats help by being a great pre-work-out energy food. This is why many athletes make oats part of their diets. The oats help them work harder at their training.

Eating enough oats will also help reduce belly fat as it will make you have regular trips to the bathroom. This is essential to cleaning the gut and avoiding bloating. As a high density food, it is low calorie yet is heavy enough to make you feel full longer. Being satiated by good healthy oats means less appetite for less healthy - more fattening - foods.

New research shows children between 2 to 18 years of age who eat oatmeal regularly have a much lower risk for obesity. They are 50 percent less likely to become overweight.

Oats are definitely essential in a healthy diet for weight loss. For the average adult, all you need to reap all these benefits is about a cup of oats everyday.

Lose Weight by Eating Oats

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Quickest Way To Get In Shape - Melt Away Pounds Of Fat In No Time With This Very Powerful Technique

If I told you that the quickest way to get in shape is also incredibly easy as well, would you believe me? If you answered HECK NO, then you are certainly going to be shocked when you read this article here! In just around 2 minutes you are going to discover a very powerful technique that you can apply starting today. This is so powerful that you have to be cautious not to lose too much weight!

Alright, I'm pretty sure you're excited and ready to find out this amazing technique, but there is something I wanted to talk about real quick.

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

My friend, if you want to guarantee amazing results with fat loss and weight loss, I can't stress enough how important it is to put your primary focus on getting 100% proper nutrition. Many people (including myself once I began this whole dieting thing) put too much attention on exercising, taking diet pills, or doing some type of fad diet nonsense, and then end up with little to no results. This is because the greatest weapon for defeating body fat is what your body responds to more than anything else... PROPER nutrition!

Quickest Way To Get In Shape - Melt Away Pounds Of Fat In No Time With This Very Powerful Technique

Okay, are you ready to discover this powerful technique? Alright, what I recommend for you to do to get in shape lightning fast is to reprogram your body to raise your metabolic rate on a consistent basis!

How do you make that happen?

Well, what you have to do to reprogram your metabolism to stay running as fast as possible on a consistent basis is the following:

1.) Make sure you are building lean muscle. Building lean muscle will cause your bodies metabolism to increase during the workout AND after the workout. Your metabolism stays running strong after your workout because now the body has to rebuild muscle cells! And don't worry, you don't have to lift weights as if you are competing in a bodybuilding contest!

2.) Eat 4-5 meals a day that has plenty of protein, a moderate amount of complex carbs, and a small amount of healthy fat. Not only will this raise your metabolic rate, eating this way and eating those nutrients will literally force your body to burn off calories!

Quickest Way To Get In Shape - Melt Away Pounds Of Fat In No Time With This Very Powerful Technique

And another thing to do in order to SKYROCKET your metabolism and Melt Away Fat FAST, is to download a powerful diet system that will create a delicious fat burning meal plan for you. This meal plan consists of eating multiple meals a day and eating in different intervals using a very powerful fat loss "trick". By following this program for 8 weeks, I lost a whopping 52 pounds of fat and I flattened my belly.

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How Long Does it Take to Lose 20 Pounds?

If you want to know how long will it take you to lose 20 pounds you need to ask yourself what you're willing to do in order to lose that much weight as fast as possible. This is very important because you can lose 20 pounds in as little as 2 weeks, though it's not the easiest thing in the world. If you go for 4 or 6 weeks, it's much easier. Keep reading to see how long it takes to lose 20 lbs. with several weight loss methods.

Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks:

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

If you want to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, your best bet is to use a detox diet. This is a liquid diet which is based on fruit juice. A detox diet flushes your body of useless, undigested deposits of fat, and also induces weight loss because it's a low calorie diet. You can definitely lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks with that kind of diet. However, don't use this diet for over 2-3 weeks because it loses it's effectiveness. A juice detox diet isn't easy to stick to because we're used to eating solid food each day, but it can get you fast results. I recommend the Master Cleanser diet.

How Long Does it Take to Lose 20 Pounds?

Lose 20 Pounds in 20 Days or 3 weeks

If you want to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks, the best option is to pick a diet and fitness program which revolves around cardiovascular routines. Sticking to such a program for 45-60 minutes each day and eating a reduced carb diet can get you the results you want. It will take some determination for you to stick to such a regimen for 3 weeks, but you'll be much slimmer and fitter by the time you're done. I recommend a program called Turbulence Training because it's highly effective.

Lose 20 Pounds in 4 weeks or 1 Month

The minimum time frame which I mostly recommend in order to lose 20 pounds is 1 month, even though I've shown you how it can be done faster. In1 month you can lose 20 pounds by using a weight loss program which is based on Calorie Shifting. This is a weight loss method which allows you to lose weight fast by manipulating the types of calories that you eat thereby 'tricking' your metabolism to remain running high, so your body is like a fat burning furnace. A calorie shifting diet is easy to stick to because it's simple to use, you don't starve yourself, nor do you need to do hours of exercise. Losing 20 pounds in this way is recommended because it's the easiest way in which you can maintain your weight loss to the future. I recommend using the original Calorie Shifting diet: Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

As you can see the answer to the question of how long it will take you to lose 20 pounds is really up to you.

How Long Does it Take to Lose 20 Pounds?

To read how you can start to lose as much as 9 lbs. in 11 days and keep it off, visit this webpage:
lose 9 lbs. in 11 days with The Calorie Shifting Diet.

John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. To read more about how to lose 20 pounds fast, click here: Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks. It's a review of ways to lose 10 pounds fast (including a detailed review of Turbulence Training and Master Cleanse). Just double the time frame for each weight loss method reviewed to see how long it will take to lose 20 pounds.

Weight Loss Without Exercise - Is it Really Possible?

The simple answer is: yes, you can lose weight without exercising. However, what you must realize is that it isn't the fastest or the quickest way to lose weight. Nor will it help you to keep off the weight you lose long term.

When it comes right down to it, you gain weight when you eat more calories per day than your body burns. To lose weight, you either have to burn more calories than you eat through added exercise. Or you have to eat less calories than your body burns. Combining exercise and diet is actually much easier than just doing one of those two things.

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

Long term successful weight loss comes from altering both diet and the amount of physical exercise you do daily. Dieting alone can actually slow your metabolism, causing you to burn fewer calories. This is why so many dieters hit a weight loss plateau after a few weeks. This is a big reason to include exercise in your diet plan.

Weight Loss Without Exercise - Is it Really Possible?

However, for many people this may seem either too difficult, or there is a reason they can't exercise regularly. Perhaps you have a health condition that prevents you from doing any strenuous exercise. Reducing your weight will definitely improve your health, so it is still worthwhile to set up a diet plan that will work for your situation. Here are 2 simple steps that will help you achieve weight loss without exercise:

Step 1

Begin by finding out how many calories your body needs to maintain its normal functioning. It is fairly simple to work out how many calories you eat per day with one of the many available calorie counters online. Many of these sites also include charts to show you a close estimate of the number of calories your body needs per day according to your height and ideal weight. If you are eating many more calories than this, you will definitely have room to lose weight without exercise.

Step 2

Now that you have worked out what your calorie maintenance level is you can do some simple math to figure out how to lose a specific amount of weight. On average there are around 3,500 calories to be found in 1 lb. of food. So if you were able to eat 3,500 calories less each week than you are currently eating, you would end up losing 1 lb. Over a week's time, you would need to eat 500 calories less per day.

However, be very sure that the amount of calories you eat per day is not less than the number of calories you need, as you found in Step 1. Don't cut calories below the recommended level, as that is not healthy for your body. Nor will you be able to maintain that type of diet for long. It is much better to lose your weight more slowly over a longer period of time. Extreme low calorie diets will slow down your metabolism, also slowing down your weight loss. They are counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve.

Yes, weight loss without exercise is possible, as we've seen, but it's not the most efficient way to lose weight. A combination of exercise along with a healthy diet will achieve much better results, and usually much faster!

Weight Loss Without Exercise - Is it Really Possible?

Looking at fat loss plans? Be sure to visit my fat loss help site for some alternatives.

What is the Quickest Way to Lose Weight?

If you find yourself asking what is the quickest way to lose weight, then you are probably in the same boat as most of the population.

There are many different ways to lose weight quickly, but if you choose to undertake such a method, you must be aware of two factors:

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

1. Weight is an umbrella term. In reality, weight is comprised of two different types: fat and muscle. If you lose weight quickly (e.g. fasting for a few days), then the weight lost will be a combination of fat and muscle.

What is the Quickest Way to Lose Weight?

"Muscle" is a term that scares many people. People, particularly women, are scared of looking like bodybuilders. Be aware that it is actually incredibly difficult to put on muscle, especially in women, who lack the testosterone to do so.

To put it in a better context, muscle represents the shaping of our bodies. If you maintain more muscle than you do fat, then you will look wonderfully trim. If you lose weight, I.e. a combination of fat and muscle, then you will effectively go from being a fat pear-shaped person into a smaller pear-shaped person. If you want to see all the curves in all the right places, have the killer butt or lose the love handles, then you need to maintain as much muscle as you can while losing fat.

2. If you choose to lose weight quickly, always remember that it will never last. It is a sobering thought, I know, and not one many people want to hear. But it is the truth. Ultimately, if you need to lose 20 lbs, then you could do it quicker by sticking to a solid, progressive regime than you could by attempting diet after diet.

There is a third form of weight, and that is water. Our bodies retain an awful lot of water when we live in a state of dehydration and, surprisingly, most of us are dehydrated most of the time.

If you want to know what is the quickest way to lose weight, then you won't go far wrong with super hydration. Your body can store several pounds of water (some suggest as much as 10 lbs) while you are dehydrated. This is excess water you do not need. In order to get rid of it, you can drink copious amounts of water to flush it out. In effect, you are telling your body that you are now hydrated and don't need the spare reserves, so the body ditches them.

If you drink 8 tall glasses of water a day, then you should see significant weight loss within a week or two. Those of you familiar with the Atkins diet will know that the two week "Induction" process involves drinking lots of water as well as reducing carbohydrate intake. A lot of people report big weight loss in this period, and attribute it to the strict conservation of carbohydrates. However, many would contend that it is actually the water expulsion that has done the trick.

However, with that said, Atkins does provide a fast way to lose weight. Some would argue that it is down to the effect of ketosis. I would argue that it is because of calorie restriction. Atkins is high in protein, which leads to appetite suppression, and studies have shown that those on Atkins actually consumed less than they did before they started the diet. Either way, the sheer black-and-white lack of ambiguity of the diet makes it a great way to discipline your eating - and shed some pounds - in a short period of time.

Ultimately I would recommend simply sitting down, slapping your belly, and accepting that if you want to be in the best shape of your life, then you will need to do it properly. It is nothing to be scared about.

If you have 60 lbs to lose, fine! Nail off each of those suckers, day by day. From 60 lbs to 59 lbs to 58 lbs to 57 lbs etc. Stick a tally chart next to your bed and check off each pound you burn. Don't make it a chore - make it fun. This is you getting into the best shape of your life.

So don't ask what is the quickest way to lose weight. Instead commit yourself to drinking plenty of water, eating good food, and doing resistance exercise to maintain your healthy muscle while the fat is blowtorched off.

What is the Quickest Way to Lose Weight?

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The Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast - Lose 10 Pounds Quickly!

Here's the best exercise to lose weight fast with. You can lose 10 pounds quickly with just this. But, I'm going to also give you a bonus exercise works awesome for losing inches from your waist as well. Combined, these 2 exercises will help to transform your body in a short amount of time.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight - 15 Degree Incline Walking

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

Now, walking isn't just walking. Overall, normal walking is fine for long term weight loss. But I'm sure you want to lose weight quickly. For that, you need to walk uphill.

The Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast - Lose 10 Pounds Quickly!

I'm sure you've walked up a hill before. Isn't it a lot different than just walking on a flat surface?

It is.

So just make that adjustment. Obviously, if you don't have a hill you'll need to find a treadmill. Hopefully that isn't a problem for you. I prefer a treadmill just because I don't have to worry about cold or rainy weather.

Anyway, that's essentially it. Walking uphill. A 15 degree incline works best. It's steep enough to make a difference, but not so steep that it's unbelievably hard.

How long to walk? I suggest 20 minutes at least 5 days a week.

Now, if you were to tell me you're really busy and can't spare 100 minutes of your time then my question to you is... there's 168 hours in a week... you can't spare just 1.5 of those hours to devote to your health? That's not even 1% of your time.

You really need to change your priorities if you think that little of your own health. Remember, to enjoy all those other things in your life you need decent health. So without health, you have nothing.

Bonus Exercise - Vacuum Pose

If you have problems with belly fat, this is the best exercise you can do. Essentially, all you do is suck in your lower belly and hold for 5, 10, 20 seconds at a time. That's it.

How good does it work? You'll lose 1.5-2 inches from your belly in a month. That's just doing it for 5 minutes a day.

So back to incline walking. If you want to lose 10 pounds quickly, that's what you need to do. It's the best exercise to lose weight with.

The Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast - Lose 10 Pounds Quickly!

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Quickest Way to Lose Weight For Women - Just Give Me 5 Minutes of Your Time a Day

Here's the quickest way to lose weight for women. In fact, it only takes 5 MINUTES of your time each day. For that 5 minutes, you can expect pounds and inches of FAT to DRIP OFF your butt, thighs, hips, and belly within 10 days.

I'll even add in a bonus tip that takes a WHOPPING 15 SECONDS of your time that you can do anywhere and at anytime which will help boost your weight loss efforts as well.

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

Quickest Way to Lose Weight For Women

Quickest Way to Lose Weight For Women - Just Give Me 5 Minutes of Your Time a Day

Hindu Squats... an unbelievably fast way to lose weight. It's a type of fast squat without weights. First, set your feet around 18 inches apart. Then start squatting as fast as you can. Start out by trying to do 50 repetitions in under 3 minutes and build up to 100 in 5 minutes.

If you stick with the 5 minute version for 2 weeks... and do them each day, you'll notice your body is changing. You can't help but see that in the mirror... and feel how loose your clothes are on you.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I want you to touch your finger tips to the floor during each rep to demonstrate you went down far enough in the squat.

Bonus Tip: This isn't a pure cardio/aerobic tip, but you can use it anytime... including while you do cardio. It enhances the weight loss effect of any cardio you do. What is this tip? It's deep breathing.

Here's how to do it to get the most out of it during cardio (but remember, you can do it even when doing nothing... like watching tv and still help with weight loss). You inhale for 5, hold for 5, and exhale for 5.

In simplest terms, the extra oxygen oxidates and helps to burn off extra body fat. So do that 15 second technique every once in awhile.

So there you go. If you want the quickest way to lose weight, then all you need to do are Hindu Squats for 5 minutes a day.

Quickest Way to Lose Weight For Women - Just Give Me 5 Minutes of Your Time a Day

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