Cottage Cheese Diet - Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days

Yes! This diet plan is great and gives you a good chance to lose 5 pounds or more in 5 days. That is one pound a day, not bad. But this is not an exception from the rules: if you want to get results as fast as possible, it will be as hard as well. I recommend you to find a friend who is interested in losing 5 pounds in 5 days and do it together. This way it should be a little bit easier.

This is all the food which you can have in five days time, nothing more except water (it is recommended to drink as much non-carbonated mineral water as you can to get best results):
One bottle of good white wine 0,7 litres
5 boiled eggs,
800 g of low-fat cottage cheese
5 big tomatoes,
5 big apples,
5 cucumbers or a paprika (sweet pepper),
2 litres of low-fat yogurt.

\"The Quickest Way To Lose Weight\"

Here is the schedule for one day (use this schedule for all 5 days without any changes):
10:00 Coffee without sugar and 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese,
12:00 A tomato and an egg with greens,
14:00 An apple,
16:00 100g of low-fat cottage cheese and a paprika or a cucumber with greens,
20:00 A glass of wine!!! :)

Cottage Cheese Diet - Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days

Start today to lose your pounds fast, a first step is always the hardest one. With each next step it will be much easier.

The techniques, ideas, and suggestions in this document are not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. Always consult your physician or health care professional before performing beginning any new diet. Any use of the techniques, ideas, and suggestions in this document is at the reader's sole discretion and risk.

Cottage Cheese Diet - Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days

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